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Li-Ion battery charger How to Properly Use Lithium Ion Batteries
Article was added: 30 October 2011
Many people have asked me to post content related to cell phones, and the correct method to use their batteries. So, I created this stuff to end up with some unknowns that many people still have about the correct method to use the battery from the phone or smartphone... read full text →
International phone cards International Phone Cards - How You Can Save a Fortune Using
Article was added: 27 October 2011
If you are the type of person whose business or social engagements require you to make regular phone calls (local and international), using international calling cards will help you save enough money. Several companies are in the business of selling prepaid calling c... read full text →
Cheap international telephone calls Cheap International Telephone Calls
Article was added: 22 October 2011
International calls from a particular country to another can become overpriced especially when we lose ourselves in endless conversations with friends or family. Why pay so much when there are now several ways to save on calls to the world? One alternative to avoi... read full text →
Call abroad cheaply How to Call Abroad Cheaply?
Article was added: 18 October 2011
Staying in touch with their loved ones who are far from each other has become essential, but at what price? Save when calling abroad is a priority. There are several solutions to call the whole world. MSN on the phone through Skype and other programs, it is good to s... read full text →
Skype Skype an Inexpensive Alternative for International Calls
Article was added: 11 October 2011
Skype is software that includes instant messaging services (such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ) and VoIP phones. The VoIP telephony allows for communications such as "phone" between two computers connected to the Internet (or network) if both have speakers and ... read full text →
Prepaid phone cards Prepaid Phone Cards - the Cheapest Way to Call Abroad
Article was added: 3 October 2011
International phone calls have always been very expensive and can sometimes reach 1 minute conversation cost the same as 60 or even 90 minutes of a local call. Competition between different telephone operators reduces the cost of local and national calls, but have littl... read full text →
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