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VoIP VoIP - Voice over IP
Article was added: 8 December 2011
Communication technology has evolved so that people can relate as if 100% of the time online and so close even though hundreds or thousands of miles away. Technology Voice over IP (VoIP) has emerged to make it all possible. Below we will talk a little about this tech... read full text →
Evolution of mobile phones Evolution of Mobile Phones
Article was added: 6 December 2011
With the arrival of the phone, the improved communication between people and the distance was no longer a problem. In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and since then the technology can develop it and transform it according to the needs of people. The m... read full text →
Smartphones Learn About Smartphones
Article was added: 3 December 2011
Much more than devices used for communication, cell phones have features that humans can no longer ignore. MP3, photos, videos, internet, GPS and calendar utilities are some of the most used and sought after by consumers in a cell. With the advent of third generation... read full text →
IP Telephony IP Telephony Adds Mobility in Internal and External Company
Article was added: 28 November 2011
Opt for an integrated phone system cuts costs and contributes to the development of production of enterprises What is the importance of internet in business? Among the responses, IP Telephony can directly influence the practicality of internal and external communicat... read full text →
Cell phone functions Use Your Phone to do More Than Just Calls
Article was added: 21 November 2011
In little more than a decade, cell phones have gone from big bricks with grainy screens for smartphones advanced technology that can be used to exchange text messages, calls, web browsing, photos, games and more. Today's phones offer a range of functions, and people are... read full text →
Bluetooth headset What is a Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phone?
Article was added: 18 November 2011
In recent years, Bluetooth headsets have become required accessories for avid mobile. The benefits of hands-free wireless devices are obvious, especially while driving. And as the number of headsets has exploded, the number detelefones Bluetooth phones also increased. ... read full text →
Telephone invention Interesting Curiosities on Telephones and Cell Phones
Article was added: 13 November 2011
Who invented the telephone and when was it created? Who invented the mobile phone and when was it created? How many phones are in the world? What is the world's largest mobile phone? What is the world's most expensive mobile phone? What is the world's lightest mobile ph... read full text →
Increase battery life 10 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone
Article was added: 8 November 2011
I believe that whoever is reading this article will almost certainly have a mobile phone. Prolong the battery life of mobile phones is very important not only to prolong battery life, but also not to run out of battery at the most important. Despite today's mobile ph... read full text →
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