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Touchscreen Differences Between Resistive and Capacitive Screens
Article was added: 2 January 2012
When buying a smartphone or tablet, one of the most observed by consumers is the touch screen. Many cheaper models bring the resistive touchscreen technology, which uses two layers to interpret the commands. Capacitive screens make the devices are more expensive and are... read full text →
Many mobile phones How do I Know if My Phone has been Cloned?
Article was added: 30 December 2011
Accustomed to a monthly cell phone that rarely reaches 100 dollars a day you are faced with an absurd charge of two thousand dollars in bonds. The numbers reported are the most varied, even including some located in the United States - looks and you barely scratches and... read full text →
Smartphones Why Cell Phones and Tablets do Not Need Cooler?
Article was added: 26 December 2011
There are times that smartphones and tablets are no longer luxury items to become indispensable equipment for many Brazilians, not by chance. After all, these gadgets can be as useful as notebooks and desktop computers, with a good processing power and dozens of sensors... read full text →
Airplane Airlines Must Provide Calling Cards
Article was added: 24 December 2011
According to the New Brazilian Aeronautical Code, airlines are required to provide its customers with phone cards in case of delays or flight cancellations. The calling cards should be tailored to the specifications of each carrier. This includes the value of the cal... read full text →
Phone dangers 7 Things That Your Phone is Doing to Your Life and You id Not Realize
Article was added: 20 December 2011
Messages, and Internet connections. Your cell phone has many benefits, but is it just that he does for you? In fact, many studies also point to damage they can cause to humans. And that goes far beyond the classic discussion over whether or not they are responsible for ... read full text →
Charge levels Myth or Truth: the First Charge in the Battery Cell Need to Take 8 to 12 hours?
Article was added: 16 December 2011
When you buy a new phone, it's crazy to be home soon and play with it, right? Turn upside down each function, add custom ringtones, photos, finally, let the newly acquired unit to your face. It is also during these times that is the famous question: is it necessary to l... read full text →
Sim cards Advantages of Having a Phone With Two Chips
Article was added: 13 December 2011
As we all know, prices for calls and messages between mobile phones of the same operator are much lower than for different operators. This is even more noticeable due to the promotion of free text messages. Reason enough to lead many to buy two mobile phones and switch ... read full text →
Chinese Phone Conventional or Chinese Phones: Which One to Choose?
Article was added: 10 December 2011
Chinese phones is a hot topic discussed in relation to the similarity with the conventional cell and the question that hangs in the air is - What is the best? What are the advantages of each? In this paper compared approaches already made by the device-specific data and... read full text →
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